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Industrial Project
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Industrial Project

Industrial project consists of more than 20 industries such as machine tool, heavy-duty machinery, coal mining machinery, petrochemical machinery, railway transportation equipment, new energy equipment, light textile industry, general machinery, agriculture machinery, engineering machinery, automobile & parts, standard parts, electrical appliance, instrument and meter, military (aviation, aerospace, weapons and watercraft). The technical advantages consist of:

1. Structural Engineering Design: leading in large span, large tonnage and super heavy steel workshop design;

2. HVAC Design: Leading in a large area of precision machinery and humidity workshop design;

3. Building intelligent design: domestic top level;

4. Green industrial building design and energy saving technology: domestic top level, the institute of evaluating standard-setting unit.

Civil Project

Since the reform and opening up, SIPPR actively develop market through innovation, completed more than 3,000 design project of large and medium-size civil project. The unique comprehensive design strength has been created in more than 10 categories of civil building design such as large public buildings, office buildings, educational buildings, medical buildings, residential buildings. And a large number of typical and landmark projects has been completed such Zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center, Anyang exhibition and sports center, world Hakka culture center , Greenland group high speed rail station square business Center, Qingdao Olympic sailing supporting projects, Henan Province People's Congress, etc. There are more than 100 national, provincial and ministerial level awards was won, which includes 1 Zhan Tianyou Award, 4 Luban Award and 1 National Quality Award.

Municipal and Environmental Project

Municipal engineering projects mainly consists of municipal water supply, water drainage, thermal engineering, highway engineering, bridges, environmental health engineering and landscaping etc. Highway engineering mainly include first-class highway, second-class highway and rural highway etc. Environmental engineering projects mainly consists of industrial wastewater treatment, industrial solid waste and medical waste disposal engineering, industrial flue gas cleaning, dust control and desulfurization project, noise prevention works. Over the past decade, the municipal and environmental field has a rapidly development, especially has a significant performance in the municipal water supply, drainage, heat supply, roads, bridges, landscaping and environmental sanitation. SIPPR has finished more than 300 municipal projects, more than 50 highway engineering projects and more than 150 environmental engineering projects , which creating a number of brands engineering with strong technical strength and rich experience in the design, the large market advantage in central and western China has formed.

Project Supervision

Zhengzhou Zhongxing Project Supervision Co., Ltd subordinated by SIPPR has the comprehensive project supervision qualification approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, whom is the first comprehensive project supervision and the only one of the top 100 strongest supervision enterprise continuously from 2004 in Henan province. The project supervised in recent years won 12 "Luban" and the National Quality Engineering awards, 5 national gold awards, 3 national municipal gold award, 12 Quality Engineering awards of the Ministry of Construction and more than 100 the provincial quality project; whom is the enterprise won most “Luban” award in Henan province.


The First Enterprise Own Comprehensive Supervision Qualification in Henan Province

The Exclusive Enterprise Continually Won State “Advanced Enterprise” Four Times in Henan Province

The Exclusive Enterprise Won “The Advanced Enterprise of Create Luban Prize” In Henan Province

The Exclusive Top 100 Housing Supervision Enterprise continuously from 2004 in Henan Province

The Supervision Enterprise Won Most of “Luban” Prize in Henan Province

Project Management and EPC

SIPPR has spearheaded established the business of project management, general contract, non-standard general contract and BT in nationwide, proceeding rapidly in the industrial, commercial, municipal and other areas, hence the brilliant achievements has been made, projects undetertaken convered the whole country and consists of the design of industrial and civil construction, municipal utilities, roads, bridges, little, telecommunications, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, ports and power and other fields.

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